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Public Engagement in Experiential Futures

Active Mode is a research partnership between Macy Siu and Jaime Calayo that aims at exploring approaches to public engagement through experiential futures.  Both believe that immersive and experiential environments have the power to provoke deeper conversations about the future.

Macy Siu

Macy Siu is a design researcher, strategist, facilitator, and former intellectual property lawyer, with a background in fine arts. Macy is particularly interested in design opportunities that bridge her multidisciplinary background at the intersection between arts, culture, and technology.

Jaime Calayo

Jaime Calayo graduated from the Bachelor of Design program from the University of Alberta and his work in in digital media and public relations has allowed him to communicate complex issues in innovative and emotionally impactful ways.

Jaime and Macy are Master of Design candidates in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation program at OCAD University, Toronto. The program aims at combining systems thinking, design thinking, foresight and futures studies to cultivate a better understanding of present day complexities in order develop strategies for tackling complex social problems moving into the future.