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Public Engagement in Experiential Futures

The implications of the ongoing evolution of the retail market extends far beyond the commercial sector, impacting quality of life, neighbourhood affordability and community ties. The following trends were collected as they all have the potential to impact the evolution of suburban shopping malls as they move towards contributing to complete communities.

Internet of Self

Experience economy

Global going local

Growth of anchor communities in malls

Retail automation and delivery

Online shopping revolution

Decline of big box stores

Retail meltdown

Increased immigrant spending power

Malls as town centres (main streets)

Retail meltdown

Ethnic malls

Hong Kong Mall-ification

Decline in materialism

Stronger creative sector

Informal newcomer networks

Climate refugee migration

Diversification of society

Increased ethnic diversity in suburbs

Aging population

Millennials moving out into the suburbs

Revamping land use restrictions

Urbanization of the suburbs

Complete communities

Omni channel retail

Partnerships with institutions

Integrated public transportation

Urban renewal through the arts